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Welcome to the official website of the Signet Global Network (S.G.N.).   We are a global apostolic network established for the advancement of God's Kingdom agenda and governance, promotion of synergistic alignment of like minded individuals in building ecosystems that transform lives, communities, and nations.  We empower through impactful influence of the mantra that we all can master the fulfillment of Genesis 1:28 to be fruitful, multiply, replenish, subdue, and have dominion while reforming the seven spheres of influence that impact our world and shift generations and nations.  We are SIGNETS in the Hand of God and through His guidance, impactful alliances, innovation, and commuted stewardship we create a convergence and change the world.

We are a faith-based network that unites leaders, ministries of all kinds, businesses, governmental entities, educational institutions, families, artists & entertainers, corporate officers, and many others.  We exist  to deploy and synergize transformational catalysts to legislate and shift systems, impact culture, and holistically change lives. 


We are concerned about impacting the economic frame for global impact.  Together we work together around the world.  Currently we are represented in the USA, Caribbean, Kenya, Nigeria, and Ghana. Since 2013, we have employed and deployed our voice in various venues and communities with targeted goals.   We do not wish to evade your goals or identity but rather join forces for a unified objective and converge.    Join the LEADERSHIP SYNERGISTIC MOVEMENT and let's change the world one community at a time!

Chief Presiding Officer

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Apostle Dr. Leah Vanterpool was born with a passion for establishing order, speaking the truth, and evoking change, a theme that permeates throughout her life, ministry, and businesses.  She is called as a revolutionary apostolic and prophetic voice, for kingdom advancement that has been trailblazing past traditionalism, setting order, and igniting a fire in spiritually dry places in the earth.  Dr. Leah Vanterpool has served for the past twenty-five plus years as a multi-faceted ministry gift, serving the nations as a respected and consecrated prophet, apostle, and ambassador.  Her works speak of the Oil that is in her life and testifies that she has been anointed to BUILD.

In the marketplace, Dr. Leah is a successful financial executive, author, and impactful orator and coach.  She helps leaders develop financial aptitude, develop pipelines, build and increase productivity while building synergistic teams with verifiable processes to promote consistent profitability and growth.  She leverages her thirty plus years of financial and accounting expertise as a corporate CFO, leadership and executive coach, and change strategist to shift leaders and increases gross and operational profitability and margins.  She has a fierce focus and determination to help leaders achieve scalable success, wealth, and fulfillment of goals and purposes. 

Dr. Leah Vanterpool's impact extends across various industries in and out of the market place and many nations.  It is with this experience that she join alliances with leaders to create convergence that impacts and transforms.  Join the global movement and let's change the world together!  The global mandate is greater than any one individual.  We need you! 


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