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Gathering & Training Leaders, Deploying & Synergizing Transgenerational Catalysts

To Legislate & Shift Systems, Impact Culture, and Holistically Change Lives


Welcome to the official website of the Signet Global Network (S.G.N.). We are happy that have stopped by to learn more about us, feel free to look around the site. We strive to promote an environment led by the Holy Spirit and fosters of unity, synergy, and progressive growth and movement.   The S.G.N. was created with a mission of “gathering, training, deploying, and synergizing transgenerational catalysts to legislate and shift systems, impact culture, and holistically change lives.”  We are KINGDOM CATALYSTS & SOLUTIONISTS!!   We accomplish this mission as signets with an ambassadorial mandate to infuse the systematic thinking of the seven influences of culture with God’s kingdom principles and strategies of governance.  The seven areas that mold our minds, values, and culture are religion, government, business, education, arts & entertainment, media, and family.  You are an intricate part of a global network.

The next several years promise to be exciting ones for the Signet Global Network. We are ecstatic about our global synergistic movement.  We are impacting the world and our communities for the Kingdom of God!  We believe in empowerment that transforms. We believe in the law of reciprocity! We foster a Win-Win connection between S.G.N. and its partners.  The Network continues to have a positive impact globally and in the communities, we serve. 


Join our tribe as God's SIGNETS as we apostolically and prophetically transform culture through God's Kingdom agenda while cross-denominational barriers and bring impact to our world.

  • An hour consultation with Dr. Leah Vanterpool.

    1 hr

    125 US dollars






Tel: (203) 951-1530

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